“I must eat 80% veggies and 20% meat. I will remind myself to stop eating when I’m 80% full. The 80/20 rule.”

The guideline to quantity, quality, and balance in your body.


The food choices we make and the lifestyle we live impact our body’s ability to maintain a healthy active metabolism. Foods can be alkaline, acidic, or neutral in your body and this is why balance is so key. When your blood becomes too acidic your body can become out of balance leaving you more susceptible to illness and disease. With this said it is important to make up your diet of 80% alkaline-forming foods like vegetables, and 20% acid-forming foods like meat.


Overeating can severely weaken your digestive system making it difficult for your body to process food for the energy you need throughout the day. By listening to your body and eating slower you can notice when you feel full. By only filling up your stomach 80% and keeping it 20% empty it gives your body the room it needs to digest properly, allowing you feel great after eating and not worse!

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